When entering the building, please wear a mask. Children 4 and up are also required to wear a mask in the hallways and main areas of the center. If you have any questions please direct them to Mrs. Cindy in the office. We thank you for your continued cooperation and support. 
Dear FKLC Families,
We miss all of you and pray that all is well. The FKLC staff are looking forward to the return of your children to the center. As we wait for our state to reopen and life to return to a new normal.; we understand that there are still many unknowns. Please contact the center in advance as your child(ren) need care again. 
In a continued effort to keep our families and students safe we are limiting the amount of people into our facility. All parents will be asked to drop off and pick-up their children at the “Student Drop Off and Pick Up” station located at the orange double doors just inside the main entrance.
For Drop Off:
You will be greeted by an FKLC teacher who will take your child’s temperature. (If elevated to 100.4 or higher, your child will not be allowed to stay at school)
A second teacher will take your child to properly wash their hands then take them to and their belongings to their classroom. Please bring only the items that are necessary for your child’s care; leave extra blankets, toys, and car seats in your vehicle. 
For Pick Up:
Ring the doorbell (located under the security pad) and an FKLC teacher will open the door and have you wait at the “Student Drop Off and Pick Up” station they bring your child and their belongings. 
Parents can also call ahead and we will try to have your child and their belongings ready for pick up when you arrive. 
 Note: Harper Creek Schools are providing free lunches Monday through Friday until school resumes in the fall. 
Please contact the office if you have questions. Thank you for your help and please continue to use the Hand Sanitizing Stations located in the centers entrance.